I haven’t posted pictures of my baby yet. I do believe we are destined to be soul mates.

… If I hadn’t already sold my soul to be with you.

This is a wacom cintiq companion. It’s an 8gb PC tablet and it is incredible. First of all, it’s fucking huge for a tablet, which make sense because it’s for art… It’s a little heavy but not uncomfortable to have resting on your lap. I’ve only tested Sai on it and it worked great after I set up all my shortcuts and settings.

Only issue with sai is that the buttons are a bit small and my pen calibration seems to go slightly off when I open the program. So sometimes it gets hard to click on stuff. But I’ve only messed with the calibration a couple times, so I’m sure it’s just something I need to play with more.

I should have known this, but I was really excited when the classic pen I bought for my intuos worked with it. The pen that came with it is nice, but the grip pens hurt my hand.

… In conclusion, your iPad’s got nothing on this beast… Except for the price tag.